Reiki Classes in Borivali

Reiki Classes in Borivali

Reiki, a Japanese Method of relieving stress and anxiety and living a healthy life. If you want to live a long and healthy life you must come and complete the 3 levels of Reiki courses in Borivali.

Reiki supports in healing and relaxing the mind. Reiki is a solution to many problems and can help in achieving your goals too.

Seeing Reiki’s success in making people cool, calm and happier, many people request for Reiki training in Mumbai.

Reiki Classes

Learn Reiki from Reiki Grand Master Mrs Anjani

Thanks to Mikao Usui, many people like myself have taken the Master degree and are now helping in spreading the Reiki benefits to people in India.

I am a retired school teacher. I take Reiki classes in Borivali, Kandivali and Mira Road as well as students home anywhere in Mumbai.

Once you learn Reiki first degree you can give treatment to other.  Depending on their needs, one Reiki session can range from 10 to 30 minutes.

Reiki Masters are respected by everyone because they perform Reiki in addition to their other duties.

Reiki Practitioners do the first degree and when complete 21 days of practice they go for the next 2 levels in the program.

After completing all 3 levels of Reiki the participant can apply for Reiki Master Degree and be qualified to teach Reiki to others if he/she is interested in spreading Reiki.

I have seen most Reiki Masters in Mumbai and rest of India, continue to support the students to ensure they grow in Reiki practice. Reiki Masters are also available to answer their questions even after many years of completing the Reiki course. I am also committed to help my students in expanding their Reiki skills and move on to higher levels in their Reiki practice.


Mrs Anjani

Reiki Grand Master



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