Reiki Classes in Bandra

I recently completed Reiki First Degree Class for a
new student in Bandra. I always bigin my class with
the meaining of the word Reiki.

It is made of two Japanese words:
1. Rei, which means “Higher Spiritual Power,” and
2. Ki, which means “Universal Life Force Energy.”

In my first degree class I make a few things very
clear so that the student can progress fast.

1. Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient practice. The origin
of Reiki is in the teachings of Buddha and the main
aim of Reiki is spiritual growth.

2. Reiki is a hands-on holistic healing technique for
achieving all your goals in life and not just health

3. Reiki aids the body in healing by releasing stress
and tension. By creating deep relaxation, Reiki
promotes healing and health at mental, emotional and
physical level.


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