Reiki Level 1 Class: Reiki History

Reiki Level 1 Class: Reiki History (as taught in Reiki First degree Class in Thane by Mrs Anjani in Oct 2012)

Reiki has been practiced by many Monks in the East for helping the followers in advancing on the path of spirituality faster. Dr Mikao Usui was studying the Buddhist Texts and practicing various techniques and meditations. While doing meditation for many days, he got attuned to the Reiki energy. He was fasting for many days but he was full of energy. His chakras got completely activated. He had achieved self-realization.

With an intention he could help others in any way he wanted including improvement in health and advancing in spiritual life. With an intention he could also activate the Reiki energy of others so that they can also help others. To focus the mind, he found that the symbols were very useful.

Symbols is the language of the Reiki energy. You can express your intention to heal others or to attune others to Reiki with the symbols. Reiki is not only to heal the body. You can heal the mind. You can reach your goals, Strengthen your decision, etc. Most Spiritual Gurus use the Reiki Energy to help advance the followers on the spiritual path and overcome any obstacle on the path.

Reiki Energy can be used to achieve material goals but its real power is in achieving spiritual goals. He formalised the process and divided into various parts so that others and learn and use the same in the time available to them. Everyone can not spend their life on a mountain so Dr Mikao Usui made a process that can be followed by busy people and reach the same level of spiritual realization.

Let us thank him for making Reiki available to all of us.

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