Ideal Gap Between Reiki First, Second and Third Degree Course

Have you ever wondered what’s the Ideal Gap Between Reiki First, Second and Third Degree Course?

Recently a student who had just completed Reiki second degree attunement called me. She said, “I took Reiki first degree course in January, the second degree course in March and I feel it is too early for me to do the third degree course in May. Can I take the Reiki III a couple of months later?”

The reason I am sharing what I had to say regarding this issue is that many people have this question. If you have already taken first degree training, you have taken a huge step forward on the path of Reiki. Reiki is a long-term commitment to your own spiritual development!! When you are learning Reiki, you can feel free to you go at your own pace. Learning the various levels of Reiki is not like running a race. Reiki is not a competition of any kind. You can take just enough time to make yourself feel comfortable and then proceed to the next level of Reiki.

Some people who have been on this path in previous lifetimes might progress through the levels faster than others. Do not compare your progress with others. You can choose a speed that’s comfortable to you. Reiki is a limitless energy!! It is always there for you for your highest good.

On the other hand, don’t try to be perfect. There is benefit in progressing to higher levels. If you are benefiting from your daily practice and you are comfortable, you can go ahead and do the next Reiki level. Each subsequent level makes a world of difference for you. I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey!!

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Mrs Anjani
Reiki Grand Master


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