Reiki Circle

We conduct Reiki Circle once a month for students who have completed minimum First Degree of Reiki. In the Reiki Circle we practice Reiki in a group, exchange Reiki healing and support each other on the path of spiritual advancement.

Contents of the Reiki Circle:

  • Meditation Session
  • Healing Session
  • 1 Reiki Topic
  • Q&A, Sharing experiences, etc.

To participate in our next Reiki Circle, send us your name, email id, mobile no and details about the Reiki courses you have completed on

Would you like to sponsor a Reiki Healing Circle?
This will be a 1 hour session with a Reiki Master where everyone can participate and benefit. Students who have taken Reiki First Degree and above can invite their friends for this session.

Reiki healing promotes overall balance. Reiki practice is safe and supports any medical treatment a person may be undergoing. Attendance is free. For organizing this Reiki Healing Circle call 9322265963.


2 thoughts on “Reiki Circle

  1. Hi,
    I am attuned to first degree reiki in december, 2013.
    But like what my reiki master had told me to practice self healing & aura balancing for 21 days, due to some personal issues i had to dis-continue the practice.

    My question is am i still attuned to reiki – 1st degree post the 5 months gap?
    Secondly can i still give healing to myself or others?

    I want to learn reiki’s all levels and achieve mastery in it. How do i begin with?


    • Hi Gaurree,
      You can start your daily practice again. 21 days is a cleansing period.
      Once you are attuned, you are always attuned. Attunement is for life.
      After some practice when you feel you are ready for 2nd degree, you can proceed for the same.
      Reiki Grand Master

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