Reiki and Breathing

Reiki and Breathing

When you activate Reiki for self-healing or for healing others you will notice a change in breathing. This indicates many things – releasing of tension, release of emotional charge, opening of the chakras, increase in energy levels, release of toxins, deep relaxation, etc.

When you give Reiki energy it might stimulate images stored in the mind. These images are related to past events and there may be emotions you had gone through during these events. Sometimes we hold these emotions unknowingly. During Reiki session or while Reiki attunements or during your daily Reiki practice these emotions are released. When the release happens there is a change in your breathing. You will feel lighter or more peaceful after the release.

You can give Reiki as long as you want and keep noticing the breath. Your breathing lets you know what is happening inside. Your morning and evening Reiki practice makes you calm and centered. You can also practice Reiki with awareness of your breath anytime you feel the need during the day but do not skip your morning and evening Reiki practice.

I recommend this to all my students. Reiki has a wonderful effect on all areas of your life. Just find time to relax and practice Reiki. You will find that your day becomes more productive with 30 minutes of Reiki with breath awareness.

Peace & Abundance,


Mrs Anjani
Reiki Grand Master