What you learn in Reiki Second Degree or Reiki Level 2 Class

In Reiki Level 2 or Reiki Second Degree training, you are given the symbols that were given by the sacred beings to Dr. Usui.

It is required that the student has completed Reiki level 1 training and have had sufficient practice before going for this training.

These symbols are very powerful. They help you to increase the power of the Reiki energy flowing through you.

The symbols taught in Reiki level 2 enable you to go beyond the limits of time and space.

These powerful symbols help you to resolve the issues from the past and present and thus create a totally new and exciting future.

With the symbols of Reiki Level 2 you can direct the Reiki energy to create abundance, prosperity and well being in all areas of your life.

After this Reiki attunement with the Reiki Second degree symbols you can send Reiki to anyone, anywhere in the world in an instant.

During the Reiki Second Degree course the student learns the symbols and practices the chakra healing meditation for 21 days.

The Reiki level 2 attunement is at a much deeper level and cleanses the chakras system completely. The cleansing of the chakras bring about many powers in the student and also brings about miracles in their life.

For example when your third eye or Ajna chakra is healed and energized, your intuition, clarity of thought and mental sharpness increases many folds.

The more you practice Reiki 2 symbols, the greater will be your benefit in all areas of life.

With Reiki second Degree you will be more intuitive in healing as well as in life. You will spontaneously breaking away from the routine and discover new paths of growth, health and prosperity.

As you practice, you begin to realize the subtle and powerful impact of the Reiki 2 symbols in healing as well as in achieving any goal you have in mind.

I conduct Reiki 2nd degree course once a month in Mumbai, Thane and sometimes in Navi Mumbai too. Please feel free to call or WhatsApp me on 9322265963 for upcoming schedule.


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Reiki Grand Master Mrs Anjani

Mrs Anjani
Reiki Grand Master
Mumbai, India.