Reiki Courses in Bandra

At last A Reiki Level 1 Course in Bandra West!

Welcome to the Reiki Mumbai Blog!

Today I am going to invite all those who have been waiting for a Reiki level 1 course in Bandra to join us on this Sunday afternoon for an experiential learning of Reiki.

You will be learning Reiki in an informal and relaxed atmosphere and you will get first hand experience of how this restorative energy makes you calm and relaxed.

You might remember that as a kid one of the best treatment when you got hurt was the healing hand of your mother. That loving hand and that loving hug is all that you get when you practice Reiki.

The feeling of Reiki is warm and loving. It gives us immediate relief as soon as we turn it on. In the Reiki level 1 course you learn how to turn Reiki NO whenever you need it.

You will also learn how to create a stress free lifestyle by practicing the 5 Reiki principles in your daily life. With daily practice you can heal yourself of emotional pain, stress, sickness and toxins. All this makes you feel healthier and younger!

It’s my passion to support you in learning this transformational process. Evern since I discovered this unique healing ability, it has been my endevour to assist as many people as possible in activating this spiritual power which has been unused till date.

Reiki is very gentle and at the same time very powerful. Its worth learning this as a family and contribute to each others health and happiness to make our life wholesome and bright.

To register for this Reiki course in Bandara on 17th November from 3pm to 7pm call me on 09322265963. If you miss this then you can call me to schedule another one for you and your family.

Peace & Abundance,


Mrs Anjani
Reiki Grand Master


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