Reiki and Stress Management

Reiki helps in Stress Management

Reiki is a healing art. Reiki relaxes the body. Reiki calms your mind. Reiki makes us stress free. Reiki is the opposite of stress.

The stress of daily life can be dissolved by a few minutes of Reiki practice. Every weekend I take Reiki courses in Mumbai and many people who come to learn Reiki in Mumbai tell me that they are stressed.

Most of my students are employed. They have to reach office on time and travel 2-3 hours daily. Many of my students are working women who have small children at home and a family to take care even after a hard day of work.

So stress is so much a part of our life that everyone is looking for ways to reduce stress. And Reiki is one such easy, natural and effortless way to dissolve stress which makes it so attractive to people in this modern age.

Even after the basic Reiki first degree courses people see a remarkable difference in the way they are able to manage stress and life a relaxed and worry free life.

There are many things in the Reiki course that helps people in overcoming the effects of stress. The Reiki principles also helps us in keeping cool and calm. The when we practice Reiki our mind becomes thought less.

While doing Reiki our breath becomes slow and steady. And the body enters a deep state of relaxation that grows deeper with every breath.

When the mind is still, the body also becomes still and relaxed. A Reiki session feels like a power nap. As if we have had a nice sleep. It is so relaxing that the stress accumulated during the day melts away.

When you are able to get rid of the daily stress like this with Reiki, you feel energetic. You are lively and you are excited about the opportunities of life. You are able to respond to lifes demands with ease and grace.

Stress reductions is among the top 10 benefits of Reiki, so I always insist that everyone should learn at least the first level of Reiki.

Reiki is also good for people who are not able to have a good sleep. People who practice Reiki before going to sleep find it easy to fall sleep.

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