Students Learn Reiki in Andheri

Reiki Class Conducted in Andheri for Children

Welcome to the Reiki Mumbai Blog!

Last week we had a wonderful Reiki session for children in Andheri west, Mumbai. Reiki is very good for students. We had 5 students who learnt the how to heal themselves naturally, by placing their hands on themselves and others. Children have their channels open so they learn Reiki very quickly.

Their imagination is not constrained by the limitations imposed by adults. It was really fun to see how these children could access the unlimited supply of life force energy so easily and effortlessly.

When children learn Reiki it is very powerful. It is really nice when children discover their natural healing ability early in life. It brings a new dimension to their life.

This Reiki class was organized by my student Mrs Patel for the children in their building. I want to thank her for providing this fulfilling experience of teaching Reiki to children.

I think all parents should learn Reiki and give children an opportunity to learn Reiki and get connected to the universal life force energy.

Peace & Abundance,


Mrs Anjani
Reiki Grand Master