Is Reiki safe during pregnancy?

Reiki during pregnancy

I was taking a Reiki course in Bandra, Mumbai the other day and a young lady asked me, ‘Is Reiki safe during pregnancy?’

All of us could understand why she was asking this just from the glow on her face. But before I could say anything, my student Jyoti started sharing how Reiki helped her in staying calm in all situations and in being comfortable with the changes that were taking place in the body. She was not only satisfied by the sharing but she could also feel the benefits as we practiced Reiki during the post lunch session.

Reiki gives you positive thoughts and confidence.

Reiki gives a deep sense of relaxation to the mother as well as the child. Once the baby is born, the gentle energy of Reiki can naturally heal the minor aches and pains that the baby may experience from time to time.

Reiki enhances the immune system. One of the best thing about Reiki is that it is so relaxing for the baby that it can put the baby in restful sleep in just a few minutes.

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Many Reiki healers In Mumbai have shared that sometimes the baby may get up in the middle of the night and cry for some unknown reason and in such a situation one of the best thing we can do is give Reiki after trying other things.

Many a times we need to take the new born to the Doctor and while we are on the way we can give Reiki and make the baby feel better. In many cases the baby starts to feel better even before we reach the Doctor.

If you are pregnant and you want to learn Reiki in Mumbai, please feel free to call me on 09322265963. You can learn Reiki at home!

Note: You must always continue medical treatment as per your Doctors advise during pregnancy.

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Mrs Anjani
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How to Learn Reiki in Mumbai at Home

Welcome to the Reiki Mumbai Blog!

Today I am going to share with you how to learn Reiki at Home. Ever since I started teaching Reiki in Mumbai I found that many of my students go back and share the benefits they got to their family and friends. Then looking at the change or some miracle healing other family members also want to learn Reiki.

Now I recommend my students to enroll family members right from the start and complete Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 together as a couple or family. When 2 more members from the same family learn and practice Reiki on common goals, it’s so powerful.!

I started teaching Reiki at home because students are so comfortable to learn Reiki at home because it’s a familiar surroundings and you are surrounded by people you care about the most.

To add to all this Reiki itself is a powerful and gentle healing modality. In the comfort of your home you practice healing yourself and others at your own pace.

When you learn Reiki at home you can enjoy your attunement process as the Reiki energy is channeled from the crown chakra on top of your head, spreading all through your body and then enters Mother Earth through your hands and feet.

During the attunement process different people experience different things – heat, cold, heavy, light, etc. Some see a light some feel peaceful, some feel sleepy, some feel vibrations, etc.

What actually happens is the ability to heal and channel Reiki energy is activated by the Reiki Master using sacred symbols.

The Reiki attunement opens your channels, the seven chakras so that Reiki energy can flow easily and effortlessly. Once you are attuned you can use the basic hand positions to clean and energize your chakras. You will also learn Reiki meditation to help you reach deeper levels of the mind and become more sensitive, more intuitive and more positive.

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Reiki Grand Master Mrs Anjani

If you have been thinking of activating your own innate ability to heal yourself and others and bring abundance of peace and happiness all around you then its time you learn Reiki at home with other family members.

To schedule your Reiki Level 1, 2 or 3 class at home for yourself or for yourself plus 1 or more family members or the entire family, call me on 09322265963.

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Mrs Anjani
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Learn Reiki in Mumbai

Learn Reiki in Mumbai

Reiki is spiritual energy. Mikao Usui rediscovered this wonderful science while he was meditating on the mountains in Japan, in the beginning of the nineteenth century. And today it has spread all over the world so you can learn Reiki in Mumbai in the comfort of your home as well.

Mr Usui was searching for a way of spiritual growth for himself and for humanity. He was blessed with the Reiki energy for spiritual growth and discovered that it has a healing effect on the human body, mind and spirit.

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Reiki First Degree Course is taught with love, dedication and commitment by Reiki Masters all over the world. Reiki First Degree Course will transform your life for the better in ways that are beyond your imagination.

Mikao Usui is the founder of the Reiki system of natural healing and it is being taught all over the world today. Learn this amazing system of self healing and spiritual upliftment from Reiki Grand Master Mrs Anjani.

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Mrs Anjani

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